Civvy Street Meets The Military

From mine clearance to field cooking, nearly 50 civilians from around the Midlands have been put through their paces on Exercise Reserve Challenge. 

For three days and two nights, office workers, police officers and NHS staff joined reservists from the Army’s 11th Signal and West Midlands Brigade and the RAF at Nesscliffe Army Training Area, Shropshire. Mark Musgrove, from West Mercia Constabulary, enjoyed the change:

"You're coming away from your normal role, so there's no expectation in terms of ranks or what you did previously, all that's forgotten. You can start from scratch."

Teamwork skills were tested with a simulated helicopter down scenario and an IED scenario required immediate first aid assistance. 

The men and women of the Midlands also learnt about military engineering, mine clearance and marksmanship. Carillion Director, Seumas Kerr, championed the experience:

"It gives them a robustness, resilience and develops leadership potential" 

The exercise aims to enhance the reserve's relationship within the community and gives civilians a glimpse into military life.

Exercise Reserve Challenge Donnington Remove
Employees also got a chance to see the other side to their colleagues

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