British Army Challenger 2s display firepower alongside allies in Poland

British Challenger 2 tanks have been showing off their firepower alongside allies in Poland.

For the last three weeks, troops from A Squadron Queen’s Royal Hussars have been practising joint manoeuvres with soldiers from the US, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic - 1,700 troops are involved in total.

Exercise Puma, in southeast Poland, is all about heavy armour with Leopard 2 and Soviet-era T72 tanks, plus BMP infantry fighting vehicles taking part.

Colonel Robert Berej, Commander 21st Podhale Rifles Brigade, the Polish Army, said: "Firepower is very important.

Queen’s Royal Hussars Challenger 2 Tanks In Poland For Exercise Puma CREDIT BFBS
Nine Challenger 2 tanks from the Queen's Royal Hussars have been taking part in the exercise.

"The war in Ukraine shows us everything, if you have the firepower you are more flexible.

"It's a kind of show of force for Putin's hordes." 

A Squadron Queen's Royal Hussars have spent the last five months under Polish command, bolstering Polish defences after the country sent its own tanks to Ukraine following Russia's invasion.

The exercise is being held just a few hundred kilometres from Poland’s border with Ukraine, playing an important role in public reassurance.

Major Charlie Gray, Officer Commanding, A Squadron Queen's Royal Hussars said: "What's really important for them is that they are also demonstrating this to the Polish people.

"Noting the proximity to what’s going on east of us, it's very important they’re reassured at home as to what the defence of Poland looks like and what they can do."

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