British Army in Germany

British Army To Leave Germany By 2019

British Army in Germany

The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that the final British Field Army units will return to the UK from Germany in 2019.

All of the unit moves planned for 2016 and 2017 will go ahead as expected.

The remaining units, based around Paderborn and Sennelager, will return to their new home on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire in the last phase of Army Basing Programme.

Major General Alastair Dickinson CBE, Director of Army Basing and Infrastructure said:

"By confirming the timetable to bring the final units back from Germany we are providing our service personnel and their families with greater certainty to allow them to plan for their futures."

"While fewer personnel will remain in Germany after 2019, Germany will remain one of our most valued NATO and European partners, and we will continue to intensify and deepen our security and defence relationship with them."

The Army Basing Programme has already relocated more than 70 per cent of personnel from Germany over the last five years, with more than 5,000 service personnel and their families having returned to the UK this summer. 

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