Production in West Midlands of British Army's new Boxer vehicle begins

Watch: Production of the Army's new Boxer vehicle gets under way.

Production for the British Army's new Boxer armoured vehicle is under way in Telford, Shropshire.

The first welding on the first of 260 vehicles to be manufactured for the Army in the West Midlands has taken place, with around three a month set to be produced.

In total, the Army has ordered 623 Boxers. RBSL (Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land) is contracted to deliver its first vehicle next year.

Colin McClean, managing director of Boxer manufacturer RBSL, explains the process in the video above.

What is the Boxer?

The result of a close collaboration between the UK and Germany, the Boxer is an 8x8 wheeled, all-terrain armoured transport vehicle.

It can be quickly adapted to carry out different roles on the battlefield – with it taking just 20 minutes to swap the mission module.

The mission module sits on top of the Boxer to allow for any chosen variant to be used.

The vehicle can operate as a troop carrier, infantry fighting vehicle, or as an ambulance version.

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