The Army Medics Heading To South Sudan

50 soldiers and medics from 33 Field Hospital in Gosport made their final preparations to deploy to world’s newest country today – South Sudan in eastern Africa.

The unit will form the main body of troops who will join up with colleagues already in South Sudan as part of the field hospital advanced party.

33 Field Hospital is deploying in support of Operation TRENTON, the British military's response to the government's commitment to its UN obligations.

Maj Jon Lord said: "We’ve had quite a long and extensive predeployment training package, it seemed to go on forever.

"33 Field Hospital last deployed in 2013 on Op Herrick and... we're due to be rationalised next year as part of the wider defence medical service future plans.

"So this deployment will be a great way to go out."

They will be operating under the United Nations mandate of UNMISS (United Nations Mission In South Sudan) and it will be their responsibility to take over the running of a temporary tented field hospital, as well as paving the way for a permanent facility capable of serving and caring for up to 1,800 multi-national peacekeepers.