Armoured Tigers Celebrate Salerno Day

The 1st Battalion The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment, based in Germany, have been marking an iconic date in their history. 
Salerno Day celebrates their contribution to the Second World War battle for Sicily.
It's an annual day of pride for the regiment as they stand together to remember their fallen comrades and a chance to come together to celebrate their regimental history.
Operation Avalanche was one part of the Allied invasion of Italy during the Second World War.
Plans for Allied landings at Salerno
The plan was to land on 9 September 1943 at Salerno to ensure that food and supplies could easily get to Allied troops.
British troops from 131 and 169 (Queen's) Brigade fought at the subsequent battle.
Op Avalanche lasted seven days, cost the lives of 2,009 and ended with an Allied victory.
In 1992 it was decided that Salerno Day would be celebrated by The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment after the amalgamation of The Queen's Regiment and The Royal Hampshire Regiment.
Top photo: Imperial War Museum / 1943 / British troops enter the town of Salerno