20th Armoured Infantry Brigade Pushed To Limits In Germany

In Germany, the British Army has been bringing back techniques not used in 15 years. 

On the Sennelager ranges, 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade are being pushed to the limits in temperatures which have gone down as far as -15 degrees celsius. 

Exercise Specular is testing their ability to plan and execute brigade operations as part of a multinational task force, as well as to build and move their armoured headquarters at a moment's notice.   

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The gruelling two-week exercise also evaluates 20 Brigade's readiness to deploy as the British Army's best deterrence for the conventional defence of the UK. 

Although it's the first time that the Army has tested these techniques in 15 years, on this exercise, there has been plenty of practice. According to commander Brigadier Mike Elviss:

"This is our validation exercise because (we're the) vanguard armoured infantry brigade of the British Army; it's the first time the Army's had an armoured infantry brigade at readiness, so it's a great privilege for 20 Brigade". 

The soldiers and officers have got used to working in almost complete darkness under canvas to build maps, construct lighting, and form the operational headquarters that enables them to plan and conduct high-tempo combat situations.
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The Vanguard Armoured Infantry Brigade and its scalable force structures can deploy by air, sea and land to conduct everything from stabilisation operations through to high-intensity war fighting.

Exercise Specular has given them a chance to put these skills into practice. 

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