Russian troops parade

Smartphone Ban For Russian Soldiers

The Russian authorities were unhappy that military secrets kept leaking on social media.

Russian troops parade

Russian politicians have approved a bill that will ban soldiers from using smartphones whilst on duty.

The country's ministry of defence has already implemented restrictions on the use of smartphones and tablets to prevent leaks of sensitive information on social media. 

The origin of the ban can be traced to media reports published about the Russian military’s campaign in Syria and the fighting in eastern Ukraine between Russia-backed separatists and Ukrainian forces.

Vostock 2018 preparations
The Russian military prepares for an exercise (Picture: Russian Ministry of Defence).

Journalists used social media posts by service personnel and their families to report on Russian losses in Syria and other details that Moscow did not want appearing in the press.

The bill, approved by the Russian Parliament’s lower house, will formalise the ministry of defence's existing restrictions and under the terms of the legislation soldiers will be forbidden from posting photos, videos or information about themselves, relatives or other soldiers.