Is a Russian convoy of ground forces moving towards Kyiv?

New satellite imagery appears to show a large deployment of Russian ground forces, including tanks, moving in the direction of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, a private US company said.

The imagery, taken on Sunday and yet to be verified, was released by Maxar Technologies Inc and apparently shows a deployment comprised of hundreds of military vehicles extending more than 3.25 miles (5km), Maxar said.

The convey was situated northeast of the Ukrainian city of Ivankiv and contained fuel, logistics and armoured vehicles, including tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and self-propelled artillery, the firm said.

The satellite images also showed damage caused by recent airstrikes on the Antonov airport in Hostomel, and heavy fighting in and near the airport, Maxar reported.

According to its website, Maxar is "a leading space technology and intelligence company" that "unlocks the promise of space to help governments and businesses solve problems on Earth and beyond".

The company has been tracking the build-up of Russian forces for weeks.

The images have not yet been independently verified.

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