Russia accuses Ukraine of unmanned speedboat attack in the Black Sea

Watch: Russian forces have destroyed an unmanned surface vehicle before it could attack the Ivan Khurs reconnaissance ship.

Russia has reported Ukrainian armed forces "made an unsuccessful attempt to attack" a reconnaissance ship in the Black Sea.

Dramatic footage posted on Telegram by the Russian Ministry of Defence shows a drone making its way towards Moscow's Ivan Khurs, dodging a volley of fire from the ship.

The drone then suffered a direct hit, exploding immediately - with Kyiv yet to comment on the incident.

An unmanned speedboat, which was pictured speeding towards Russia's Ivan Khurs, was destroyed by the Russian warship
The unmanned speedboat exploded as soon as it was hit by Russia's Ivan Khurs reconnaissance ship (Picture: Russian MOD).

Russia’s Ministry of Defence claimed in a statement Ivan Khurs was attacked by "three unmanned speedboats".

They also claimed the reconnaissance ship was "performing tasks to ensure the safety of the functioning of the Turkish Stream and Blue Stream gas pipelines in the exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Turkey".

"All enemy boats were destroyed by fire from the standard armament of a Russian ship 140 kilometers northeast of the Bosphorus," Russia's MOD said.

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