Schwarzenegger: We have blood on our hands for war in Ukraine

Arnold Schwarzenegger has told Europe "stop lying to ourselves" over the financing of Russia's war in Ukraine.

"How many wars are caused, or funded, by our antiquated energy policies?" he asked.

Speaking at the Austrian World Summit climate conference, the actor and former governor of California said: "We have blood on our hands because we are financing the war – we have to stop lying to ourselves."

He added: "Just look at the tragedy of Ukraine. We are all horrified by the images we see in the news every night, but… let's be honest with ourselves here, the 1,300 missiles that Russia launched in Ukraine's cities during the first two months of the war cost €7.7bn.

"But during that same time, Europe sent to Russia €44bn for fuel.

"So, of course, the Russians are sad that they're losing all their soldiers and their losing so [much] equipment… but they're saying 'hey, at least we don't have to pay for this war, the Europeans are sending us the money, they're paying for the war."

The European Union and other allies have cut off energy imports from Russia in line with sanctions over its war on Ukraine.