Prince William meets UK soldiers in Belize and shows support for Ukraine

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have met British soldiers and shown support for Ukraine during a visit to Belize – a Commonwealth nation.

They spoke to personnel from the British Army Training Support Unit Belize, or BATSUB.

At a reception hosted by the Governor General of Belize, Prince William commended the country's support for the people of Ukraine, saying: "Democracy is safeguarded by teamwork, the individual wills of all citizens, each pulling together towards the same objective.

"Sadly, elsewhere in the world, that vigilance is being tested today in Ukraine.

"Belize has joined many others in condemning the invasion, and standing up for the principles of international law, peace and security.

"Today we think of those struggling in Ukraine and we stand with them in solidarity," he added.

BATSUB has had a presence in Belize since the country became independent from Britain in 1981.

It employs more than 100 local civilians and offers tropical environment training to British, Belizean and international troops.

The unit carries out up to five close combat exercises each year, as well as hosting the final exercise of the tough British Army Platoon Commander's Battle Course.

BATSUB also works alongside the local community to protect the natural environment from trafficking and illegal logging.

The Royal couple are visiting Belize, Jamaica and The Bahamas on behalf of the Queen, to mark her Platinum Jubilee.

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