Daphne Dunne Prince Harry's Number One Fan Invictus Games Sydney Amy Casey Jade Callaway Forces Radio BFBS
Prince Harry

Meet Daphne Dunne, The Woman Who Captured Prince Harry's Heart

Daphne Dunne Prince Harry's Number One Fan Invictus Games Sydney Amy Casey Jade Callaway Forces Radio BFBS

Prince Harry made a beeline for a very special 98-year-old lady in the crowd at the Invictus Games in Sydney.

His Royal Highness The Duke Of Sussex has met Australian Women's Army Service veteran Daphne Dunne twice before and both times captured the world's attention.

They first met in 2015 when he noticed she was wearing a Victoria Cross posthumously awarded to her late husband in 1945.

Their second meeting was during a tour of Australia in 2017 to launch the Sydney Invictus Games.

This time, after a heartwarming hug, the Duke introduced Daphne to his new wife Her Royal Highness the Duchess Of Sussex, complimented the 98-year-old on her pink hair and spoke about his baby news.

While speaking with the Duchess of Sussex Daphne gushed with excitement about the pregnancy announcement.

"Can I say congratulations? I think it's marvellous, it's just what Harry needs."

Forces Radio BFBS broadcaster Jade Callaway caught up with Daphne to hear how her most recent encounter with the Duke of Sussex went.

“He’s a very good friend… he’s wonderful.”

WATCH the interview in full below.

Daphne, who died her hair pink especially for meeting the Duke, was thrilled to spend time with Prince Harry before he continued his official visit to Australia, Fiji, the Kingdom of Tonga and New Zealand with the Duchess of Sussex.

“He’s going to Fiji I think it is so he’ll have a lovely sunny time, be able to go swimming and enjoy it.”

While the Duke and Duchess of Sussex tour Fiji, the Invictus Games continue at pace in Sydney but what does Daphne think about them?

“I think they’re very necessary. I think the boys will enjoy them, even though it will be a lot of hard work for them but you don’t get anywhere unless you try.”

The media interest in Daphne began in 2015 when the Duke of Sussex noticed the Victoria Cross she was wearing.

The medal was awarded to her first husband Lieutenant Albert Chowne who was killed in action in Papua New Guinea on March 25 1945.

He was posthumously awarded a Victoria Cross because "his actions helped result in the capture of the enemy position".

When Jade asked Daphne about her husband’s Victoria Cross she became visibly upset.

“That was for my husband, it’s horrible to think of it really, that’s when you get the sadness, it’s very hard.”

Lieutenant Albert Chowne VC Victoria Cross Daphne Dunne Second World War Australia Army Invictus Games Image Public Domain ID 134484
Lieutenant Albert Chowne VC

One quick search on social media and it doesn't take long to see that Daphne has become incredibly popular worldwide. She even has an Instagram account dedicated to pictures of each time she has met the Duke Of Sussex.

Jade asked Daphne how she plans to deal with her newfound fame? Will she make any dramatic life changes?

“I don’t think so no, I’ll stay the same. They’re unlucky to have me but still there you are.”

Daphne has 98 years of life experience so what piece of advice does she have for the military athletes taking on the Invictus Games?

“Be very surprised because I am. It’s amazing, it’s a good life, can’t complain.”

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