Prince Charles

Prince Of Wales Presents Medals To Soldiers Returning From Op Toral

Prince Charles has been the Colonel of the Welsh Guards since 1975.

The Prince of Wales has presented campaign medals to soldiers returning from Afghanistan. 

Troops from the Welsh Guards marched on parade square at Elizabeth Barracks in Surrey before being presented with their medals.

Prince Charles, who has been Colonel of the Welsh Guards since 1975, greeted soldiers from the Prince of Wales Company in uniform as he handed out the Operation Toral service medals for their work in Afghanistan.

Soldiers from the other four companies - Number 2 Company, Number 3 Company, Support Company, and Headquarters Company - received their medals from other high-ranking officials within the Army.

The UK has had around 1,000 non-combat troops in Afghanistan in several roles; providing security around Kabul and training and advising at the Afghan National Officer Academy outside the city.

The medals are awarded to personnel by the Ministry of Defence for service in support of the post-2001 Afghan War.

The Guards have taken part in almost every British Army campaign since the First World War.

The Prince of Wales Company, the leading company of the guard, are known as "the jamboys".

The nickname derives from how historically the tallest men in the battalion were sent to the company and during the First World War they were given an extra ration of jam to nourish themselves.

After the parade, Prince Charles met members of the battalion and their families.

The Welsh Guards will be participating in a homecoming parade on Wednesday through Cardiff.

The event is due to begin at Cardiff Castle at 11:30am, before heading to the city centre.