Royal Marines

Royal Marines launch stealth raid from Navy submarine during Arctic exercise

Against the backdrop of snow-covered mountains of a Norwegian fjord, an elite team of Royal Marine commandos have launched a raid from a Royal Navy submarine.

UK forces used NATO's Exercise Cold Response, the alliance's largest Arctic exercise for 30 years, to demonstrate the combined capabilities of the Royal Marines and Submarine Service.

Teams from the Surveillance and Reconnaissance Squadron (SRS) launched small teams from an Astute-class submarines from Faslance, Scotland, for 'subsurface insertion' missions.

Their aim was to complete reconnaissance missions on the rocky, icy shoreline while avoiding the multi-national 'enemy' hunting them.

The SRS, drawn from Plymouth-based 30 Commando Information Exploitation Group, is a specialist team that forges a path for their fellow green berets to follow.

Their team leader said being able to move under the water allows the commandos to move discreetly "to any coastline in the world".

"Not only can we conduct operations in isolation but by accessing and reconnoitring these complex coastlines by small craft we can set the conditions for larger, more lethal follow-on forces," he said.

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The training in Lyngenfjord, three dozen miles east of Tromso deep inside the Arctic Circle, is a small but important phase of Exercise Cold Response 2022.

The Navy said it proves the usefulness of submarines to access strategically-important areas with small teams of highly-trained specialists without being detected.

It was also part of wider intensive raiding and reconnaissance operations the UK commandos have been carrying out during the exercise.