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Red Arrows kick off updated and 'more dynamic' display season

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The Red Arrows have begun an updated and "more dynamic" display season.

The Royal Air Force says its aerobatic display team has added in some large precision shapes into their routines, where the jets fly in close, tight formations.

Those watching the summer's aerial displays will be able to enjoy the Wall arrival – a Union Flag-coloured spectacle to mark the beginning of the performances.

As a coronation tribute – in which the Red Arrows flew over The Mall – the team's front section will perform a vertical break with red, white and blue smoke trails.

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The team leader's personal favourite will also be seen – the Infinity Break. This manoeuvre sees Red 1 rolling twice around four other aircraft, to form an infinity symbol, before the jets break to finish the display, the RAF explained.

The Reds will perform more than 60 displays at locations in the UK and overseas.

It follows the granting of Public Display Authority (PDA) to the Reds, which required an assessment and subsequent training.

The award required detailed scrutiny of the jets' output in the skies and on the ground.

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Squadron Leader Tom Bould, who is Red 1 and in his third year as team leader, said: "It's especially pleasing to achieve this feat in a shortened work-up period – the team usually has longer to train but only concluded its 2022 season in December, due to our return from a very successful tour to the Gulf and Egypt.

"We've been very focused, however, on building an innovative display that I hope people will enjoy watching as much as we feel honoured and humbled to perform every single time we take to the air."


The Reds' first show is at the Midlands Air Festival on 2 June and the season concludes in October.

The Red Arrows were hard at work in Croatia during Exercise Springhawk 23, to prepare for the season ahead.

This five-week deployment, staged in Croatia and Greece, was where the team perfected and polished its display and flew up to three times a day – making full use of more settled weather conditions.

Here's where you can see the 2023 displays.

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