'We Simulated A Dogfight': Captain Marvel's Brie Larson On Military Training For The Film

The film stars Brie Larson as a talented fighter pilot who becomes a superhero.

Brie Larson experienced 6.5G in an F-16 fighter jet as part of the production of 'Captain Marvel' (Picture: Walt Disney Studios).

Walt Disney has premiered its first Marvel film to feature a female lead.

'Captain Marvel' stars Brie Larson as the talented fighter pilot who becomes a superhero.

Ahead of the highly-anticipated release, Brie spoke to Forces TV's Rated.

The actor spoke about the importance of her US Air Force training during production, and the significance of the film's treatment of gender stereotypes.

Brie chatted to James Marshall, former British Army helicopter pilot, who asked her a few questions about her experience of making the movie.


Brie Larson said the film gave her the chance to meet other military personnel as well as female pilots during the production.

"We got to have a couple of days at Nellis Air Force Base (Nevada, USA) which was a combination of getting to do training to prepare to go up in an F16, and also some hang time – grabbing a beer, grabbing a burger and talking," she said.

"I got to spend a lot of time too talking with the female pilots in the military as well.

"It was awesome, because I was able to get some real vibe of the spirit of the Air Force.

"Then throughout the film to we had people from the military coming all the time. So anytime I was in a plane, or in uniform, there was someone there overseeing it."

Brie said she was able to get a "real vibe of the spirit of the Air Force".

She even experienced what it is like in a military aircraft.

"I went up in an F16 - we simulated a dogfight, so I got to be on offence and defence.

"I pulled 6.5G – I want to go up and pull some more, since I got the need for speed after that."

Brie testing out the aerodynamics of an F16 (Picture: Walt Disney Studios).

Brie said flying in a military aircraft was "surreal" but when asked if she had any "negative G" or saw a "floating vomit bag", she replied: "I definitely vomited, definitely vomited.

"I didn’t even care, I was like, 'Just keep going!'.

"It was a totally surreal experience to be able to do that.

"The vibe was a huge part of what I learned, that camaraderie, that sense of humour, the value of that especially when so much is on the line and it was something that really touched me and I wanted to bring back to set.

"I realised I could be a better leader than I had previously after spending that time."


The film is being released on International Women's Day which further follows the announcement that, for the first time, women will be allowed to fight on the frontline.

Brie was asked about the importance of normalising gender roles in the British Armed Forces.

"It is about visibility because I don’t think people know that’s what’s going on," she said.

"I was surprised too to learn that in the air force when we were making this movie, there was a limit to what women could do in the air force [in the past]. 

"Now, those barriers are down of making that available and highlighting the incredible women who are there, but also saying this is something you could do, and it is a really cool thing to do."

Larson stars as Carol Danvers in the film (Picture: Walt Disney Studios).

The movie's release date is March 8.

Lashana Lynch, who plays Maria Rambeau said the hardest part of the film was "doing everyone justice and making it look realistic."

Captain Marvel was set during the retro 90s period in 1995, so it was no shock that many iconic items from the time made it on set.

Lashana said her favourite 90s gem was not actually featured on set and was the military coins personnel had given her, she now has a collection from different squadrons. 

"I felt like I'm part of the military now because I have coins," Lashana said.

She continued to say without the military she couldn't have made her character a success.

During filming, Lashana had the chance to go to Luke Air Force and fly with some "badass female pilots" who let her into an F-16. 

When asked what it was like to wear the uniform, she replied: "I loved it, I felt very empowered.

"I felt very needed in cinema and also it just feels good. It feels like you're representing someone."

Captain Marvel will be hitting the cinemas on Friday 8 March.