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Forces Radio BFBS, the ad-free broadcaster which entertains, informs, connects and champions the British forces community, can now be heard on DAB+ in the UK.

Station favourites such as X Factor finalist, Jay James, and our favourite lady from Down Under, Amy Casey, are part of the station line-up with their highly energetic, fun-packed music and entertainment radio programme, ‘The Big Show’.

Former Magic co-host, Verity Geere, and forces favourite, Richard Hatch, wake up the nation with their breakfast show every weekday morning on DAB+.

Search for ‘Forces’ or ‘ForcesRadio BFBS’ on your DAB+ radio, and for more information about how to tune in and check there is coverage where you are, see

Forces Radio BFBS Line Up On DAB+ In The UK

Hatch and Geere on Breakfast: Verity Geere and Richard Hatch wake up the nation with everything new since yesterday and get members of the forces community involved weekdays from 6:30-10am.

Totally Connected: Every weekday from 10-1pm we focus on the pick of forces stories from around the globe; competitions, guests and fun from the forces world to help the working day pass a little faster.

Nicky Smith: Nicky takes the helm every weekday from 1-4pm, with less talk (that is pretty difficult) and more music. She is joined by guests and covers a whole array of subjects, including the latest showbiz gossip.

The Big Show: Every day brings its own unique gifts on this show, from celebrity interviews to joining Jay and Amy on their travels around the UK on their ‘Big Show Big Days Out,’ visiting the forces in their own surroundings with plenty of off-the-wall humour and great music. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 4-7pm.

Sitrep: The award-winning weekly defence analysis programme that invites experts from the military, academic and political worlds to analyse and anticipate developments in defence and foreign affairs matters. Hosted by Kate Gerbeau with resident expert Christopher Lee. Thursdays 6:30-7pm.

Forces News: The latest national, international and specialist news about the UK's armed forces, live on the hour EVERY hour from our own newsroom.

Forces Sport: Every Monday the dedicated BFBS Sports team reflect on the cream of the week’s forces action worldwide. Mondays 6:30-7pm.

Listeners can also hear the station via the free app (search ‘BFBS Radio’ in the app stores), online at, on local FM in UK military locations and on digital TV (Sky 0211 and Freesat 786).

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