By now you have probably heard people talking about 'Yanny and Laurel' being the new 'Dress', a viral internet sensation that became popular in 2015.

The baffling audio clip is taking the internet by storm so Big Show co-hosts Amy Casey and Jay James got their top people on it to answer the question on everyone's lips, are we hearing Laurel or Yanny?

Find out in the clip above...

You are actually hearing both at the same time it is just that your brain is deciding to hear one or the other.

Yanny exists mostly in the high-frequency range (from about 2kHz for you nerds out there) whereas Laurel exists mostly in the lower frequencies (1khz or so).

By using audio filters in the clip above, we can just hear these parts of the clip and force our brain to hear just the one word.

Older people are more likely to hear Laurel as their ability to hear higher frequencies naturally fades over time.

Ambiguity is at the heart of the trick but it’s also conviction.

One person could hear one word and another person another but both are certain that is the ultimately correct answer because that is how they perceive it.

It cannot be anything else.

Interestingly this whole Yanny/Laurel thing has now become visual. What do you see below?

A similar visual version of this illusion is the famous duck/rabbit picture below.

Duck Rabbit Public Domain Kaninchen und Ente

If you look at the image you can either see a duck or a rabbit but never both at the same time.

This issue has puzzled philosophers for centuries most famously stumped Wittgenstein on deep questions about the nature of human perceptions.

Despite those issues remaining open one thing is clear – everyone and no one hears the same thing.

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