A World War II veteran has revisited Gibraltar 73 years after being posted there when he served with 202 Sqn RAF.

Arranged as a complete surprise to the veteran, Roy Moore was thrilled to see that his short stay would be hosted by the RAF of today. He was met at the cruise ship terminal by Wing Commander John Kane, Station Commander and Squadron Leader Dave Pickard, Executive Officer RAF Gibraltar.

Roy Moore RAF
Roy Moore with his companion Anne and RAF personnel

The visit commenced with lunch in the Gibraltar Officers’ Mess where he was joined by some of the current RAF officers stationed on the Rock. 

Almost immediately, the 95-year-old started to reminisce with great fondness about his time serving with the RAF in Gibraltar.

Anna, Roy, Sqn Leader Dave Pickard and Flt Lt Colin McGuinness
Anna, Roy, Sqn Leader Dave Pickard and Flt Lt Colin McGuinness

After lunch and a short drive to the Station Headquarters, Roy had the opportunity to check out some of the historical displays in the HQ RAF Museum in the Mouchotte Building. 

Many of the items he observed related directly to his time in Gibraltar and he was able to give much valuable insight into what these historical pieces mean to those that are featured in them.

by the ship
Wing Commander Kane, Anne, Roy & Squadron Leader Pickard.

Hayley Hammond, from Forces Radio BFBS, was lucky enough to meet and interview Roy who couldn’t express enough how fond his memories are:

‘It was the most wonderful experience of my life, without a doubt, I’d do it all again, I’d do it tomorrow.’

After his stop at RAF headquarters, Squadron Leader Dave Pickard took Roy and his companion Anne on a short tour around the Rock to rekindle his memories.

roy and john
Roy Moore with Wing Commander John Kane, Station Commander.

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