Ben Maher

Corporal Ben Maher has gone from artillery to artistic - turning his hobby into a career as a British Army Photographer.

With the Army looking to recruit more photographers, he has been telling Forces Radio BFBS Scotland's Mark McKenzie more about what the role involves.

The Ministry of Defence says that Army photographers have an important job in communicating and recording military activity but in that role, they are very much soldiers first.

After eight years in the Royal Artillery, Ben applied to become a British Army photographer after hearing about it from a friend.

"I don't really see it as work, it's my hobby. The training I received was amazing. Nine months at the Defense School of Photography at RAF Cosford."

Army Drummer
Attention to detail - Rain drops on the drum during rehearsals for the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

"I haven't had a day that's even remotely like the day before it. It's probably the only job in the British Army where you get to be creative."

The work of an Army Photographer

Photography in the Armed Forces is considered of paramount importance to the military in communicating the role of those who dedicate their service to defending the UK and making sure the public is in touch with the vital role they provide to the country.

Photographers from all three services capture stills and video of the wide range of activities carried out by personnel – from overseas operations and training to homecoming parades and ceremonial events.

Ben is always looking for unique images to capture. The image below was taken during a break for the AS90 crew in a large scale capability demonstration to NATO leaders in Otterburn.

Army Photographer
Army photographers cover everything from portraits to parades and training exercises to ops.

Mogadishu in Somalia gave Ben some of his favourite photo opportunities including this Somali soldier being trained by the British Army.

Somali soldier (pic: Ben Maher)

To find out more about becoming a British Army Photographer email [email protected] or via

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