Warrior Games Si and Stephen

On the face of it, these military men don't have much in common but, as they explained to Forces Radio BFBS, narrowly missing out on competing at the Invictus Games meant winning eight medals between them at this year's Warrior Games.

"You could class us as a 'B team' I suppose - but we class ourselves as the 'A-Team' because we did so well!"

A 40-strong UK squad, including Stephen Rice and Simon Chapman, headed to Colorado Springs in America to join other wounded, sick and injured service personnel and veterans to compete in sports like shooting, archery, cycling, and sitting volleyball.

Stephen and Simon qualified for the Warrior Games after being injured and have both been given a new sense of achievement thanks to swimming.

While training for a cycling time trial, Warrant Officer in the Royal Air Force Police Simon was hit by a vehicle driving 65 mph in 2007.

His injuries were so serious that he needed two prosthetic hips.

Former British Army Captain Stephen has serious arthritis and walks with a stick after ignoring the effects of a traumatic explosion during which a comrade lost both legs. 

For Stephen, landing awkwardly caused a leg injury which he refused to face. In the clip below, he talks about how swimming has been a crucial part of his recovery...

Simon is a big believer in the healing power of the swimming pool if you work hard enough:

Chatting to Forces Radio BFBS' Liz Mullen in the peaceful 'Hope On The Horizon Garden' at Colchester's Chavasse VC House, Stephen and Simon could hardly hold their heads up for the weight of their medals.

Simon was especially proud to have led the UK swimming squad.

Ironically, it wasn't swimming that earned Stephen his gold.

He can't even put his win down to experience as he hadn't picked up an air rifle before going to Colorado - a fact which didn't go down well with his American opponents:

"The Americans hate losing shooting competitions."

The 40 members of the UK team were picked from athletes who narrowly missed selection for the Invictus Games.

However, don't let that give you the idea that they feel second best.

The UK team came away with 22 gold, 16 silver and 14 bronze medals. That's 52 in total - pretty impressive.

As far as Simon and Stephen are concerned, there should also be a medal for the highly-supportive Help For Heroes team who went with them to, well, help the heroes, all the way through their tough schedule.

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