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If you have ever played ‘snog, marry, avoid’ then you will love this military twist to the classic game.

Each week on Totally Connected (10am-1pm UK time) Hal Stewart gets to know a little more about a member of our fabulous Forces audience by asking probing questions and getting them to play 'Promote, Demote, Foxhole'.

This is where they have to decide which three famous celebrities they would like to 'Demote' because they don't like them, 'Promote' because they like them a lot or 'Foxhole' because they would want to spend a long time stuck with.

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• This week it is Corporal John Davis, the Blue Watch Crew Manager with the Royal Air Force Fire & Rescue Service in RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus in the Promote, Demote, Foxhole hot seat. He is a passionate football fan from Hartlepool who loves a good takeaway or 12. He has too much in common with Hal, in fact, they may just become best friends forever after this.

• Next up is Major Chris Hulme of 32 Engineer Regiment, based at Marne Barracks in Catterick Garrison. Chris is an adventurer and alongside a pal from 39 Engineer Regiment Major Nick Hedgeley he is taking on the Jungle Ultra Marathon in the Manu National Park, deep in the Amazon Rainforest.

Private Darren Hamilton of 1 Scots Signals in Northern Ireland is a Motocross enthusiast. He chatted with Hal Stewart about himself and some of his other joys. He likes to go by 'Hammy' as a nickname. He met Prince Charles at a homecoming parade, loves living and working in Northern Ireland and really enjoys Salt Chilli Chicken and Chips as his takeaway of choice. Top man.

Picture: Crown Copyright / MOD

• This week Hal spoke to Sergeant Rick McCready, originally from Northern Ireland he is serving with the REME in Cyprus. He enjoys ice-cream, looking smart and long walks on the beach. Rick is a passionate football supporter and being from Northern Ireland he obviously supports Manchester United.

Picture: Crown Copyright – Cpl Mark Webster

• In week five Hal introduced us to former Royal Navy man Iain Finch who set up Boots2Africa, a charity which sends donated football boots to children and young adults in Africa who have no shoes and are at risk of injury, snake bits and infections every day. Find out how Iain did when he played Promote, Demote, Foxhole in the clip below.

• In week four Hal discovered a pattern with the answer to one of his questions. Who is the most famous person Colour Sergeant Peter Stubbs has ever met? His answer makes Hal doubt the question entirely. Also, what is Peter's favourite posting? You will have to listen to find out...

• In week three, Hal caught up with Chief Petty Officer George Cross who works in the Catering Department feeding the masses in the Falklands Islands.

Picture: Crown Copyright 2017

• In the second week, Hal spoke to Susan Penn at Northern Ireland's Holywood HIVE, an important resource for finding your feet when you're deployed in an unfamiliar environment. Who is the most famous person Susan has met and does she have a favourite posting?

Library Picture: A soldier safely returned from Afghanistan, heads home with his family in 2011

• First up was Captain Neil Allison the Adjutant with 152 North Irish Regiment. Have a listen below to find out who he chose between Katie Price, Billy Connolly and Kriss Akabusi to spend time in a foxhole with.

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