QM’s Department Dempsey Barracks Sennelager Germany Spooky Ghost

This Halloween the team from BFBS Germany went along to the attic of the QM’s Department at Dempsey Barracks in Sennelager to take part in Forces Radio BFBS radio programme #BFBSFrightNight. They called into the show which was coming live from our UK Headquarters as did another BFBS team at the Cambridge Military Hospital in Aldershot.

Our blog which includes spooky videos from Dempsey Barracks and Facebook Lives from the abandoned Cambridge Military Hospital.

The Germany team managed to borrow a night vision device and that’s what the footage in the attached was shot using. Chris Pearson was filming at the time this footage was shot and it’s his voice you can hear narrating alongside that of his BFBS Germany colleague, Chris Keen.

They were filming out a Facebook Live as the rest of their colleagues were through the door, across a corridor and behind another closed door. The rest of the BFBS Germany team were so far away in the other room behind a closed door that they couldn’t, in fact, hear us calling to them originally. The first they knew was when they were watching on the Facebook Live.

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The only light in the room was coming from a candle near where the two Chris’s were standing at the start of the clip. The rest of the room and corridor were dark, with no light sources.

Chris Pearson was just reading through some of the Facebook Live messages as this clip starts.

LIVE from Dempsey Barracks Germany. The ghost hunt continues....

Posted by BFBS Germany on Tuesday, 31 October 2017

The rest of the BFBS team were watching the Facebook Live stream in the other room, behind the second closed door, which is why there is quite a delay in them responding to the questions the two Chris’s ask.

To sum up, this is a genuine piece of footage, un-doctored in any way and there was no member of team BFBS in the corridor room near where the door closes.

A ghost? You decide...

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