Thought to be the first company of its kind, Forces Re-Engineered's aim is to help veterans overcome Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) while simultaneously giving them a job and training.

Stephan West, founder and director of the company based near Army Headquarters in Andover, Hampshire wanted to set-up a firm that gave veterans with PTSD the opportunity to train for and get a qualification while receiving the necessary help for the challenges they face.

In the powerful clip above Forces Radio BFBS Salisbury Plain's Chris Sturgess speaks to a former PARA who served with the French Foreign Legion who is already feeling the benefits

"I've spent the last seven years stuck in a chair in my house. I wouldn't go out, I hated people.

"I've been here five, six months and I am slowly starting to bare people again. I can go out now."

Forces Re-Engineered trains veterans to carry out repairs and servicing to cars and motorcycles at their base on the Woolworth Industrial Estate.

The staff are enrolled in an apprenticeship which involves them attending college while receiving one-to-one support with their trade as well as the help needed to assist them with their PTSD.

Another veteran feeling the benefits of the scheme is John who served with 23 Pioneer Regiment in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

"If it wasn't for the job I would have been on the streets, sleeping rough, doing whatever I need to survive.

"With the support of Forces Re-Engineered to give me a chance to retrain, to actually have a purpose and to do something that I enjoy, it's been to me almost life-saving."

"Between here and my partner I would have either killed myself or would have been on the streets somewhere."

The organisation enlists specialist help from Combat Stress when required and provides a quiet area where staff can reflect and are given the opportunity to talk through the concerns they have.

Stephan West, Forces Re-Engineered Founder and Director

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