Toriano Adaryll Jackson, more commonly known as Tito, joined Jay James and Hal Stewart on Forces Radio BFBS' #BigFridayShow to chat about his exciting solo career, what it is like to perform without his brothers and unexpectedly makes a fan cry with happiness.

Adored by millions of fans the world over, Tito Jackson and his family forever changed the landscape of popular music. Hal asked Tito whether he ever imagined he would still be making music 50 years after The Jackson 5 debuted in 1967.

“I love it and you know something, I’ve always done it my entire life and it’s hard to move away from that. I don’t know how to do anything else.”

“I didn’t even learn how to sweep the floors in the house when my parents asked me to. I didn’t even do that correctly but the music thing? Seems we have a natural niche for that.”

Hear the emotional moment Laura from the #BigShows speaks to Tito Jackson and expresses how much the Jackson family's music has shaped her life.

Tito’s three sons, Taj, Taryll and TJ, have also made an impressive mark in the music world. 3T’s debut album "Brotherhood" sold more than three million records worldwide in 1995. Their father plays a crucial role in their work ethic. He explains how he reacted when his sons wanted to pursue a career in music:

“Dad will you help us? Of course I’ll help you but I’m gonna get some lessons for you and you’re gonna learn these instruments if you really, really, really wanna do this.”

“And they did, you know, they rehearsed faithfully, I didn’t have to ask them to rehearse they just took themselves into the studio and did what they had to do.”

As Tito's equally famous sister Janet Jackson once said on an American TV show in the 1970’s:

“In The Jackson 5 family everybody works”


The second son born to Katherine and Joe Jackson, started making his mark as a solo artist in 2016, becoming the ninth and final Jackson family sibling with a smash hit single, “Get It Baby” (featuring Big Daddy Kane). Tito explained what encouraged him to get his own solo music out there:

"Back in the 70's I was sort of cheated out of my solo record, you know being married and having kids and my father taking us away from Motown."

"I'm doing this album that my fans requested me to do because they want to complete their collection as they say. We have records from every person in the family expect you Tito, are you ever going to do something for us?"

Tito's fans were so enamoured with his single "Get It Baby" they even kicked off a viral line dancing craze created by Kenny Gibson below...

Mums and babies of GroovaRoo Dance, "a babywearing soul line dance crew" also took on the viral challenge.

GrooveRoo "Get It Baby" Dance

Thanks Moms & (Get It) Babies of GroovaRoo Dance for this amazing video! Love it! This line dance is created by Kenny Gibson. Amber & Meeshi Anjali lead funky babywearing line dance classes for new mamas, papas and their little "joeys" in San Diego, California.

Posted by Tito Jackson on Thursday, 14 July 2016


Continuing on that success, Tito's latest single "When The Magic Happens", from his album "Tito Time", features Jocelyn Brown famous for hits such as "Someone Else's Guy".

What's it like for Tito to record & perform his own music without his brothers by his side?

"I love it because my brothers can't tell me what to do. This is my party fellas."

"When The Magic Happens" is now on the Forces Radio BFBS national playlist and "Tito Time" will be our Album Of The Week very soon so expect to find yourself humming Tito's songs to yourself, they are super catchy.

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