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Thousands of listeners around the forces world heard an interview on Forces Radio BFBS with Tito Jackson but it was slightly more special for Laura from the drivetime #BigShows. This is her account of what happened when she spoke to pop royalty.

I don't know if you know but I'm a MASSIVE Jackson fan so you can imagine my delight when I was given the opportunity to speak to pop royalty Tito Jackson on Forces Radio BFBS' #BigFridayShow. There were tears, so many tears.

#BigShow hosts Jay James and Hal Stewart had set up an interview to speak to Tito about his new album, Tito Time, but they made it a priority (because they are amazing friends) to get me on the phone with Janet Jackson's big brother.

When I was five years old Michael Jackson stole my heart and then when my Bad tape broke in 1989 I borrowed my brother's Rhythm Nation album and fell head over heels in love with MJ's incredibly talented younger sister Janet. I'm part of the #JanFam, a group of like-minded individuals, sharing a love of Miss Jackson.

Adored by millions of fans the world over, Tito Jackson along with his family, forever changed the landscape of popular music and I wanted to tell him how important they are to me.

Imagine the scene. There I am headphones on, palms sweaty. Hal and Jay introduce themselves to Tito and then turn their attention to introducing me. When Tito said "hello Laura" I was done. I could have quite happily left that room knowing that I'd spoken to a Jackson. However, I knew that I couldn't miss the chance to express my gratitude for the large part the Jackson's have played in shaping the person I am today.

Jay and Hal professionally interview Tito and even play a game of Hitterati with him which you can hear in full above. Meanwhile I wondered if I would be able to speak to Tito without crying.

Listen to the full #BigFridayShow interview with Tito Jackson here.

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Jay, Hal and Laura from the #BigShows

Then the magical moment happens. Hal gently manoeuvres the conversation towards me and my heart rate doubles.

Let's pause for a few seconds and keep the following in mind. I saw Janet Jackson in concert in 2011 twice. It became a joke that I was more excited about seeing her in concert than I was about my own Wedding day which was a few months later. Below is the moment another of my dreams comes true.

Laura speaks to Tito Jackson on the #BigFridayShow

Jay filmed my tearful reaction after the interview ended as I listened back to me SPEAKING TO TITO JACKSON. Tito Jackson retweeted that tweet the next day. OMG.

The realisation that I'd spoken to Tito was all too much. I burst into tears of joy and relief that I hadn't messed up. Who gets to speak to pop royalty? The father of 3T, my favourite 90s boyband, one fifth of the Jackson 5, the list could go on and on. It was a BIG deal for me.

The next obvious step is speaking with Janet, a girl can dream can't she?

Listen to the full #BigFridayShow interview with Tito Jackson here.

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