Stereophonics' bandmates Kelly Jones and Richard Jones have revealed which of the Armed Forces services they would rather be had they signed up - RAF, Royal Navy or British Army - in an interview with Forces Radio BFBS.

The pair, who have been making music for 25 years - with 11 Top 10 singles and nine studio albums under the belts - spoke to Forces Radio BFBS presenter Amy Casey ahead of the release of their new album, Scream Above The Sounds.

LISTEN to the full Stereophonics - 'Scream Above The Sounds' Music Special including some of their greatest hits and new music.

Described as a 'staple of the forces world', the musicians told how they are feeling about their tenth album and also chatted about the meaning behind some of their most iconic songs over the last quarter of a century.

They also talk emotively about the loss of drummer Stuart Cable, who died in 2010, and how he inspired the song Before Anyone Knew Our Name.

“We tried to throw a telly out the window but we couldn’t open the window"

Pleasantries aside, the age old questions of Army, RAF or Navy soon took over.

The musicians also cleared up the ongoing debate about what Dakota - perhaps their most famous single - is actually about.

It has long been the subject of speculation, from the name of a woman, or even to the Douglas C-47 Dakota widely used by the RAF from 1942, but here they reveal more about their intentions with the track.

Douglas C47-A Skytrain
Douglas C47-A Skytrain

The Douglas C-47 Skytrain, more commonly known as a Dakota was the RAF's most widely used transport plane in the Second World War and is still in use today by some air forces - but before anyone with an interest in the Armed Forces gets excited, the 'Phonics are not singing about the iconic aircraft.

For anyone posted around the forces world, the band tell Amy about their tour and some of the dates where members of the Armed Forces might be able to catch them live if they have any R&R.

The Stereophonics’ new album “Scream Above The Sounds” is out on Friday, the October 27.

Full details of their upcoming UK tour can be found on their website