This is what it’s like to leap out of a plane from thousands of feet above the Earth before plummeting to the ground in stunning film captured by a skydiving team.

Every skilful movement, as the parachutists twist and turn in the air and whisk through the clouds, is captured in captivating footage of their descent.

The video shot by a team in the Armed Forces Parachute Championships shows skydivers exiting the plane high up in the skies as the sound of the wind rushes by.

Armed Forces Parachute Championships jump

They are seen dropping from the plane and plunging towards the ground below – with incredible views of the open space around them.

The team is filmed carrying out artistic acrobatics – falling at speeds of between 120mph and 200mph towards the ground and spinning and somersaulting as they go.

Almost 200 skydivers headed to the Armed Forces Parachute Championships 2017 to take part in an annual competition that brings both military and civilian entrants, all competing for medals in various disciplines of parachuting.

Armed Forces Parachute Championships parachutes deployed

Four-way formation skydiving is one of those disciplines and involves a team of four people exiting the plane together at 13,000 feet and, during freefall, making predetermined patterns as quickly as possible to score the most points before reaching "pull height" and having to deploy the parachute.

Listen to Forces Radio BFBS presenter Adam Powney’s interview with the competition’s head judge and some of the competitors below: 

Other teams take part in two-man rotation, with one skydiver seeing how many rotations can be done before deploying the parachute.

Competition judges watch footage of jumps like this as they mark the skydivers’ skills in the range of parachuting disciplines.

This year’s event, hosted by Skydive Netheravon at the Joint Service Parachute Centre (JSPC Netheravon) in Wiltshire, was blessed by blue skies with jumps taking place between August 18 and August 25.