Shed Seven were one of the leading lights of Britpop in the 1990s and now with two gold albums and 15 Top 40 singles under their belt, they are back with fresh new music.

Rick Witter and Alan Leach from the alternative rock band joined Jay James and Hal Stewart on the Big Friday Show to chat about their hugely anticipated new album ‘Instant Pleasures’ which topped the iTunes pre-order charts at the beginning of November.

Shed Seven Image Rights Given By Jessica Hall from Radioactive Promotions For "Instant Pleasures" Album Promotion Only
Shed Seven's new album Instant Pleasures

This new album, the band's fifth, is their first new music in 16 years. Frontman Rick Witter explains how different it is to release music in 2017 than 2001 when they released their last album, 'Truth Be Told'.

"It's all centred around the album more these days. Unless you're Ed Sheeran you can forget about the singles charts. But then also obviously if you put our album on you're going to be instantly pleasured by what you hear."

Better Days Track by Track

Better Days is getting a LOT OF LOVE .... listen to Rick talk about how the track was conceived.... get the critically acclaimed new album Instant Pleasures here ……

Posted by Shed Seven on Wednesday, 15 November 2017


Hal suggested to Rick and Alan that they should fire whoever is doing their PR because the bandmates were already doing such a good job of promoting their new single 'It's Not Easy' which they described as:

Rick - "It's about growing old disgracefully. It's just about ageing, not that I feel like I am ageing.

Alan - "It's like an anthem for the kind of middle-aged man isn't it?"

In November and December, the band will undertake the biggest tour of their career, aptly-titled #Shedcember. They have already sold out many of the dates and will perform two very special shows in their hometown of York.

"We missed playing live so much. It's a pleasure to go out and play our back catalogue to people with no pressure.

"We're making sure that we have fun doing this still, we're not going to be over precious about it. We've got new songs and they're brilliant and we're going to love playing them to people."

How have things on tour changed since Shed Seven first started gigging?

"Now we're in our mid-forties and a lot of our crowd are having to get babysitters to come out and see us play. A lot of people who come to see us nowadays are bringing their children."

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