The 1st Battalion Scots Guards have been taking part in a pace sticking competition at their home, Mons Barracks in Aldershot.

Pace Sticking originated from the Royal Regiment of Artillery. They used a stick which had one measurement to pace the guns in battle which is thought to have been 6 paces per gun and the infantry took it on board to aid their drill. 

The soldiers competed for the title of Best Overall Team, Runners-up Team and Best Overall Individual. 

This event leads to the Battalion selecting two strong teams to prepare and compete in the Army World Championship Pace Sticking Competition at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst on Thursday 14th June.  

For Battalions the pace sticking competition, families joined in the day, cheering on the competitors as they enjoyed the warm sunny weather and BBQ. 

Dressed in their number 2’s a total of 52 non commissioned offers and 4 officers took part making up 13 teams of 4.

The teams were judged on slow time marching which is 65 paces per minute, quick time at 116 paces per minute and movements at the halt of 40 per minute.

The pace sticking teams were marked on their initial drill and turn out, how they presented themselves and their uniforms as well as their own personal drill and as part of a team.

They were also marked on how well they are sticking - how well elbows were tucked into the side of their body, the presentation of themselves as they march down, marching in time with one another and spinning sticks in time.

After a day of the 1st Battalion Scots Guards Sergeant’s mess members maintaining their tradition of stick pacing, the winners of the Best Overall Team were F Company, with the runners-up C Company Team 1 and the Best Overall Individual was Lance Sergeant Ross Nelson.