Two Royal Air Force veterans, Trevor Adams and Colin Jones, have returned to the Rock more than 60 years after they were first stationed in Gibraltar to celebrate 100 years since the RAF's formation on April 1.

Forces Radio presenter Hayley Hammond spoke to the former RAF policemen and asked about their memories of Gibraltar and how things have changed.

Trevor & Colin
Trevor & Colin in Gibraltar 1957

The pair first met 61 years ago as Corporals in the RAF Police. Their friendship blossomed early as they shared room three, Devils Tower Camp and played chess together. A tradition they have kept to this day.

Trevor remembered how exciting it was arriving to do his national service:

“As an 18-year-old going abroad was quite something… it was a great life, it really was.”

Colin Jones Gibraltar

Both men reflected that Gibraltar has changed “phenomenally” with lots of reclaimed land and buildings they do not recognise at all.

The pair also noticed differences in how the military operates and relationships across ranks. According to Colin:

“The informality of everything is just staggering and better… you can still have respect but it doesn’t have to be so rigid.”

“I’m 80 in four weeks time and I’d join up again if I could.”

RAF Police
RAF Gibraltar Police Section In The 50s

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