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Dimitri Leonidas, star of new war film ‘Renegades’, came in to Forces Radio BFBS to speak with Hatch and Geere about training with Royal Marines and Navy SEALs and the possibility of a second season of Riviera.

Action thriller Renegades tells the story of five Navy SEALs trying to solve a long-forgotten mystery while looking for treasure in a lake in war-torn Serbia.

“… we ended up in Malta where it was six weeks under water doing night shoots.

"There’s this huge deep tank in Malta, the biggest in Europe, it’s like a stadium and they built a village and then they flood it with sea water and so we were filming for six weeks in that.

"I believe the village they built, it’s the biggest underwater set ever made.”

Watch the full #HatchAndGeere interview with Dimitri below…


Check out actor Dimitri Leonidas talking to #hatchandgeere about his new film 'Renegades' - where he plays a Navy Seal during the Bosnian War trying to rescue £300 million pounds worth of gold from a lake.

Posted by BFBS Radio on Monday, 8 January 2018


Renegade is directed by Steven Quale who is best known for ‘Final Destination’ and stars J.K.Simmons from Law and Order.

Watch the trailer below...

Dimitri Leonidas told Hatch and Geere they had a Royal Marine and US Navy SEAL on set to ensure accuracy and Verity wanted to know what they were like to work with.

“They were great, a little bit like wow OK there’s a real man. There was a noticeable difference between, we had a Royal Marine advisor and a Navy SEAL advisor and again that American British thing.

"Us Brits… we’re a little more stoic and little more silent and we just sort of get on with it. Whereas the Americans are like “Yeah you know man…”

"They’ve got all the stories and the Brits just sort of sit there rolling their eyes at them which I loved.”

In the clip below, Navy SEALs played by Sullivan Stapleton, Charlie Bewely, Joshua Henry, Dimitri Leonidas and Diarmaid Murtagh, discuss the value of a stash of French gold, stolen by the Nazis and buried at the bottom of a Bosnian lake.

Dimitri, who played Josh in Grange Hill, says they shot the movie in more than 50 film locations.

"We travelled quite a bit during the shoot. We started in Germany in Berlin where we had about four weeks of military training, mainly learning to dive, learning all the Navy equipment and the rebreather which is the Navy Seal, it’s basically a stealth piece of equipment so there’s no air that comes out and it’s really tricky to use.”

Dimitri is perhaps best known for playing Christos Clios alongside Julia Stiles, Iwan Rheon and Adrian Lester in Riviera, a drama filled with lies, secrets and murder. He had some exciting news for fans of the series to share with Forces Radio BFBS listeners.

“It was confirmed at the end of last year, season two was confirmed so I’m back in Nice in May.”

Renegades is in cinemas and On Demand now.

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