Old Fashioned Chocolate Sweets Credit Flickr Paul Townsend

Everyone's got a favourite go-to chocolate bar.

You're thinking about buying one right now, aren't you? Go on treat yourself...

Before you head off, to celebrate National Chocolate Week Richard Hatch and Verity Geere from the #HatchAndGeere breakfast show wanted to know what chocolate bar was the forces favourite.

This was a massive decision. How could we ask our listeners to make such an important decision? White, milk or dark chocolate? We did a survey, it was quite controversial.

The results are in and the winning chocolate bar has caused a bit of lively discussion in the office. It's quite funny to see how seriously some people have taken this.

Watch the tense top ten being announced live on Forces Radio BFBS below. It was so exciting that Verity's heart was racing...

Do you prefer a good old school bar of plain chocolate or does it need to have fruit or nuts in too?

Or do you need a bit of toffee or crunch in your chocolate bar?

#HatchAndGeere asked some of their listeners what they thought which you can hear below...

Picture: Flickr / Paul Townsend

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