RAF100 Baton BZN Kart

To celebrate 100 years of the Royal Air Force the RAF100 Baton relay has been making its way around the country embarking on its 100-day journey across the UK. 

The baton is being carried by different volunteers all who have connections to the RAF, from personnel, cadets and veterans.

On April 4th, the baton entered Oxfordshire via RAF Benson on the first of it's three visits to the county. 

Running it into the station was RAF Orienteerer Flying Officer Clare Garside who told Forces Radio BFBS: 

"The weather wasn't great but it was so much fun in the mud running with my RAF Orienteering team." 

Gp Cpt Hamish Cormack
Station Commander RAF Benson Gp Cpt Hamish Cormack receives the RAF100 Baton

The Station Commander of RAF Benson Group Captain Hamish Cormack received the baton as it entered the station.

He spoke to Jo Thoenes from Forces Radio BFBS: 

"It's always nice to see the local faces and cheer them in"

"The baton is going to be flown out of RAF Benson on to the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford by our Puma helicopters. It's a tangible piece of RAF history that's steeped in symbolism and it's so great to be part of it" 

RAF100 Baton Team BZN
The RAF100 Baton team inside a C17 at RAF Brize Norton

The Baton was then taken to RAF Brize Norton where it travelled around the RAF's largest airbase.

The Horus 7s Rugby Team passed the baton to the Brize Norton Kart Club who whisked it around the enormous airfield.

It was then passed to the Brize Triathlete club, the RAF Brize Norton Netball team, and finally onto the Station Commander Group Captain Tim Jones. 

Watch the RAF100 Baton make its way around RAF Brize Norton below... 

The Baton will continue it's 100-day journey across the UK to continue the #RAF100 celebrations.

Photos: RAF Brize Norton Photographic Section, Forces Radio BFBS