Flight Lieutenant Giles Fowler achieved a record-breaking Coast to Coast flight, across the UK, Pembrokeshire to Suffolk, raising money for charity.

He made the flight last year with 57 kilos of fuel, a large propeller strapped to his back and a wing above his head and raised £3,500.

He told Forces Radio Presenter BFBS, Adam Powney, how it all came about:

It was for a great cause, close to Giles’ heart, raising money for Cancer Research, after his close friend Clarisse Hamilton was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2015.

This news came as a shock, as the May of that year promised to be a good one because her husband was returning from a six-month deployment in Qatar.

“As every military family knows, deployments take their toll on everyone. Being a working mum with 3 children, I was no different from anybody else and was feeling his absence keenly.”

Soon after an incredible achievement, taking part in the Moonwalk, 26.2 miles by night, Clarisse found a lump in her right breast. 

A year later, she is now much better and has even run her first marathon; you guessed it, to raise funds for breast cancer in the hope of lessening the pain for those yet to face the disease.

Giles' challenge was to fly non-stop without refuelling in the air. He expected to take between 8-9 hours to fly nearly 500 km non-stop, which had not been attempted in the UK before.

“It was certainly a very challenging and very difficult flight.” 

The powerful tailwind meant he completed the 464km crossing in 5h30, but had to deal with wicked turbulence near the Brecon Beacons, and again on landing.

Prior to the Coast to Coast Fundraiser, Giles attempted record attempt, setting the UK Altitude Record for just under 22,000ft on a Paramotor.

After nine months of training and the support from colleagues, Group Captain Mick Roche, Sqn Ldr Suzanne Hobbs and Flt Lt Gordon Blackley.

Giles layered up, to protect against the -25-degree temperatures and took to the skies.

 “Ironically, I’m not good with heights”

He was recognised for his achievements in aviation by the Royal Aero Club, at the RAF Club in London.

This space was shared by British Astronaut, Tim Peake.

"Actually meeting Tim Peake was just as special, if not more special than the ceremony because he's a bit of an idle of mine"

Flight Lt Giles Fowler holds two Records in Paramotoring and has raised incredible amounts of money for Charity, what could be next?

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