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Time to find out if you can remember what happened in 2017.

Sim Courtie and Hal Stewart want to test your memory warehouse with a huge quiz featuring 30 questions each asking about a different event from the year just gone.

The year that shall forever be known as 2017 is firmly in the books. Stick a fork in it. It is done. 12 months filled to the brim with memorable and not so memorable moments.

Good news and bad. Big decisions and minor. For everyone, there will be something different they think about whenever they look back on those 365 days.

Do you know what Katy Perry is confused by below? If so you've already secured one point, bravo.

Sim and Hal have worked together 'off and on' for years and have won broadcasting awards for their unique take on radio presentation. This 'Quiz of the Year' has become an annual Forces Radio BFBS tradition for the two of them to host going back over five years.

We all know who this American model in denim is right?

Below is a chance to hear the edited radio programme from New Years Day 2018. The music, promos and news have all been removed leaving you with a beautifully crafted 30 question quiz. Play along solo, with friends or family and keep your own score.

You can always share how you got on with the quiz by contacting the lads via their social media handles > @simcourtie and @DJHalStewart

Sit back, relax and put your thinking caps on, it's time to find out how much you can recall from 2017.

Listen below, good luck and happy quizzing.

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