Soniya Rai BFBS Brunei Gurkha Radio

Soniya has enjoyed music and singing from a young age and she has participated in lots of singing competitions during her school years.

She came from Nepal to the UK as a teenager and pursued a college education, resulting in a qualification in IT and Business, and later became a qualified dental nurse.

As she loves to talk and entertain, Soniya would regularly host and present at local British Army Nepali cultural events, both in Nepal and the UK.

In 2012 she married her Gurkha husband Shilash and they now have a young daughter.

Soniya enjoys the Army lifestyle and the remarkable opportunities it has given her, including becoming a part of the BFBS family.

She is currently based in Brunei and enjoying the experience of working in a radio station, interviewing new people and sharing their stories while entertaining the listeners.