Richard Hatch Forces Radio BFBS

Since his return from Afghanistan and Richard is still a bit jumpy. In fact now every time a door slams or he hears a load noise he panics and plays a Boyzone record.

Richard has worked for BFBS in Cyprus, Germany, Belize, Bosnia, Gibraltar and Afghanistan and is a huge fan of the forces. He is currently hosting the UK Breakfast Show with co-host Verity Geere. Use their hashtag #HatchAndGeere, to get involved on Twitter.

"I love my job, and feel very lucky that I get to broadcast to the military, they’re a very special lot."

Career highlights

Working on "Hatch and Duffus" with Lynnster. Winning a Silver and Bronze Award at the New York Radio Festivals. Plus four finalist certificates. Being involved in the Radio 1 link up in Afghanistan which won an RBL 'Friends of The Forces Award'. Interviewing David Beckham in Camp Bastion, and holding the current Guinness World record for the Longest Underwater Live Radio Broadcast