Nicky Smith Forces Radio BFBS

You could say Nicky is a Jill of all Trades. In her life-before-radio she once had three jobs in three weeks. Finally settling on being a dental nurse, she ended up working as a 'civvy' dental nurse for the Army in Episkopi, Cyprus. Listening in the surgery to BFBS she decided to grab her opportunity and train as a radio presenter. (More appealing than rotten teeth!)

Since then she's been stationed in Gibraltar, the Falklands, Germany, Bosnia, Afghanistan and the UK.

She enjoys playing sport, and often gets hit by a hockey stick at the weekends. Ultimately she would love to be a Blue Peter presenter but so far has only got the badge.

Nicky presents and produces lots of different shows on BFBS, just listen for a while you're sure to hear her!