Nic Foster Forces Radio BFBS

After spending many years working for a selection of some of the best UK commercial radio stations Nic joined Forces Radio BFBS (for his first stint) in 2000 to do a ‘two week’ run on the Late Show but was quickly asked if he liked ‘Bratwurst Sausage’ and was given the opportunity to do Germany’s Breakfast Show. On his return he moved to cover various shows on the BFBS Network which included presenting the UK Top 40 for eight years.

Nic has had many opportunities working within the BFBS family having had many successful deployments to Kosovo, Bosnia, Germany, Belgium and the sunshine capital of the Mediterranean, Gibraltar. Nic regards his time working in the Falkland Islands on the 25th anniversary of the conflict as one of his greatest achievements and working with a great team to make some truly memorable BFBS programming.