Mario Chrisostomou Forces Radio BFBS

Mario was born of Greek Cypriot stock in 'Nawf' London when it was still safe to play in the streets. (OK, so maybe he's not THAT old!).

He was press-ganged into radio in Cyprus by buddy and fellow BFBS Radio Specialist, Chris Pearson. Dafter still, he sold his restaurant to travel the world with his family and BFBS.

After stints in Cyprus (twice), the Falklands and Germany, Mario went on to look after our station in Gibraltar before finally submitting to cutting off the ponytail and acting as a grown up, heading back to the UK to head up BFBS Radio2. He’s also enjoyed ops tours in Kosovo and Afghanistan.

Mario's ambition is to celebrate an Arsenal treble (quiet Man U!) while he's still young enough to lift the glass of champagne unaided. Not this season then.