Hal Stewart Forces Radio BFBS

Football-mad Hal loves a freebie. He joined BFBS to get as much station-branded clothing as he could. "So far I've got two t-shirts, a jacket and a brolly. As soon as I get a hat I'm off."

Born in Scotland, he then moved to Yorkshire via Hampshire. Inevitably he supports Sheffield United Football Club. No coincidence then that he has a fondness for public humiliation - which explains his regular appearances as a stand-up on the UK circuit.

Hal's passport was seriously lacking in stamps, but has started to change that during his time with Forces Radio BFBS, and has volunteered for every trip going. "I'm told they all come with free gilets!" he says. He has already completed two tours of Afghanistan.

Oh we forgot to mention Hal is an Award winner with a Gold and two Silver New York Festival Awards to his name! He's also a Guinness World Record Holder for 'Most Film Quotes Identified Consecutively' and got 100 out of 100. Hal said:"I've been preparing for this moment my entire life. I watch far too many movies and would definitely describe myself as a film buff."

Hal has hosted a great number of programmes across the BFBS network most notably 'The Big Shows' with former Navy man Jay James.