Asha Pun BFBS Gurkha

Asha has had a connection to BFBS from the beginning of her life. Her father is a retired Gurkha Major and her husband is a retired Gurkha soldier from British Army. She was born, brought up, educated, married and working within the Army environment and will stick with the environment till the end - her son is very keen on the Army too (although for now it's just a toy version).

Asha joined BFBS Gurkha Radio in April 2006. She has presented and produced various shows. Now she entertains listeners by broadcasting messages to and from different units, discussing topical subjects and devising brain-teasers.

Before coming to Shorncliffe, Asha freelanced at BFBS in Kathmandu and Brunei (thanks to Ganesh). She took business management at university, and was at high school in Hong Kong. She was an enthusiastic athlete and still likes to shoot hoops, though these days probably against non-professionals.

Presently she lives in Kent with a large and lovely family.