Andy Astbury BFBS Northern Ireland

Andy has been a radio presenter since the mid-80s. He travelled the world frequency-hopping with numerous stations before beginning at BFBS in 1997.

He loves his football, a huge CFC fan and even spent some time at Chelsea AM back in the 90s.

Off-air, you'll find Andy snowboarding, riding bikes and even flying choppers and jets, albeit the Radio Controlled kind. He gets a lot of grief from his colleagues for occasionally crashing them. Not exactly 'Top Gun', but getting there! He likes his languages, especially talking Italian, having spent a large chunk of the 80s in Italy.

Unusual occupations before moving into Radio have included working in a Dockers’ yard in the old fishing port of San Remo, Italy and working as a deck hand on a millionaire's motor yacht in the South of France.

The BFBS story so far: Kosovo, Oman, Canada, Gibraltar, Iraq, Brunei, Afghanistan, Germany and Northern Ireland.