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There has been a flurry of excitement on social media since we announced that Forces Radio BFBS was to launch on DAB+ which has made us feel all warm and fuzzy.

Some listeners even asked for DAB radios for Christmas and were obviously on Santa's nice list because on December 24 there was a radio shaped present under the tree.

This super star wanted to make sure everyone knew the difference between DAB and DAB+ which is where you will find us.

Forces Radio BFBS is entirely funded by charitable means so when this new opportunity on DAB+ opened up for us we jumped at the chance to get ourselves back on the Sound Digital (D2) national platform - and were delighted the multiplex owners selected us to be one of their stations.

We will be launching on DAB+ on January 24 so let the countdown begin.

Listeners were thrilled to hear that after nine months away from DAB that we would be returning to the digital waves. We were sorely missed...

We could not bear to see tweets like this on our timeline so we had to do something as soon as possible to rectify the heartbreak.

Forces Radio BFBS couldn't let offices up and down the UK break out into arguments every day now could we?

Thankfully our listeners didn't let a little thing like coming off DAB get in the way of hearing their favourite radio station.

We didn't leave you completely. There are still so many ways to listen to Forces Radio BFBS. You can hear your favourite shows on FM, online or via the free app - Apple > http://apple.co/1NPLjVw or Android > http://bit.ly/1TZFixd

And look out for more exciting ways to listen to Forces Radio BFBS coming soon...

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