Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum Credit Flickr / Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum. March 22, 2018

Royal Air Force personnel are marking 100 years of the RAF wherever they are in the forces world and not wanting to miss out, Forces Radio BFBS' Hal Stewart took the 'Totally Connected' show overseas to a big celebration in Brunssum.

The Forces Radio BFBS and British Forces News team based in British Forces Germany (BFG) joined 'Totally Connected' presenter Hal in April at the Brunssum NATO Base in the Netherlands for a live show to promote a celebration in the nearby NATO Air Base of Geilenkirchen.

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Hal jumped on the chance to show British Forces personnel based in Brunssum that Forces Radio BFBS have not forgotten about them by bringing the 'Totally Connected' show to them.

A series of interesting Brunssum based guests chatted on the live programme and it was evident from the outset that those who work and live there were only too happy to see the Forces Radio and TV contingent arrive to cover their stories and hear about their day-to-day.

Hal Stewart with Sgt Nana Sarpong at Brunssum NATO base
Hal Stewart with Sgt Nana Sarpong

With the on-air assistance of knowledgeable RAF Reservist and Station Manager in BFG, Chris Pearson, Hal presented three hours of insightful chats with Senior RAF Staff Officer Group Captain Matthew Radnall, Sgt Nana Sarpong who works within Army Logistics and was described as ‘the happiest man on base’ and Sgt Al Butterfill RAF Logistics with the Network Communications Information Agency.

Sgt Butterfill told Chris the fascinating story of making cufflinks and lapel pins from 100% air grade aluminium from a Spitfire AB910 with proceeds going to RAFA.

Sgt Al Butterfill speaking to Chris Pearson at Forces Radio, BFBS in Brunssum
Sgt Al Butterfill speaking to Chris Pearson

Brunssum is a Tri-Service Multinational base with a British military presence of around 120 not including families and dependants which takes the number closer to 330.

Following the live show, Hal received positive feedback on social media from everyone who had been listening on base.

Forces Radio BFBS Germany's Chris Pearson was asked to host the RAF 100 anniversary concert put on at Geilenkirchen.

Never one to shy away, Chris took the microphone and stood on-stage introducing bands, dancers, choirs and Royal Air Force representatives for several hours of wonderfully received entertainment. It was a fitting celebration of all that is great about our magnificent Royal Air Force.

Hal Stewart chatting with Group Capt Matt Radnall at Brunssum NATO base
Hal Stewart chatting with Group Capt Matt Radnall

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