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Tony Hadley, the former frontman of Spandau Ballet with a unique and incredibly powerful voice has gone from being part of a band to flying solo and going ‘on his own’.

LISTEN: Tony Hadley: On My Own

New wave band Spandau Ballet formed in 1976 while the bandmates were at school together and enjoyed international success in the 1980’s, with hits such as True, Through the Barricades and Gold.

A legal battle in the late 1990’s caused a rift between the former bandmates, which meant Tony went solo for a while until they reformed and embarked on a tour of the UK and Ireland.

However, in July 2017 Tony released the following statement...

In this Forces Radio BFBS Music Special Tony, who released his fifth solo album 'Talking To The Moon' in June, joins Nicky Smith to talk about his days in Spandau, his daunting new start on his own and sings a couple of exclusive tracks in the studio.