LENNY FONTANA - 2 hours music exclusive on Forces Radio BFBS

Legendary House DJ and producer Lenny Fontana has recorded an exclusive two-hour music special for Forces Radio BFBS.

Fontana shares personal anecdotes about his life and career with Forces Radio BFBS Producer, Neil Moore, starting with his formative years in New York when he absorbed a diverse range of music. Fontana says:

“It was one of the deepest and most candid interviews I was ever asked to be a part of. A very proud moment to share my history and personal experiences.”

The soundtrack to this unique programme weaves through the early sounds of Philly and the Disco era, then follows Fontana’s DJing years during the House music of the 80s and 90s, and onto the launch of his Karmic Power Records label in 2013. Producer Neil Moore says:

“Spending time with someone who has had such an amazing and varied life within the dance music industry and being able to share that story was a true privilege.

“I challenge anyone not to get drawn into Lenny’s amazing storytelling and a musical soundtrack that’s second to none.”