Sitrep: The Iraq Inquiry Forces Radio BFBS

Why did Tony Blair’s government decide to go to war in Iraq? That was a question which Sir John Chilcot tried to answer when he delivered the findings of his inquiry into the Iraq War. It’s a question of great importance to our audience; serving members of the British Armed Forces.

The Iraq Inquiry Report was a long time coming, seven years to be exact and was eagerly anticipated by the military, politicians and the families of British servicemen who had lost their lives in the conflict.

This edition of Sitrep, Forces Radio BFBS’ weekly defence and foreign affairs discussion programme, was broadcast the day after the report was published.

With analysis from a panel of experts, including a former military commander and a renowned defence analyst, we looked at why and how the inquiry was set up, its remit and its findings. We also examined how the report might be used by governments and the military in the future when deciding whether to send British troops into battle.

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